Rasberry Island Beach

Raspberry Island


Raspberry Island Lighthouse Credit: T. Jennings

Raspberry Island is the jewel of the Apostle Islands. This small island is the most beloved of archipelago.  On the eastern side lies a beautiful sandy beach and adjacent sandspit. From there, a trail leads to a beautifully restored 1863 lighthouse. The light is located atop a bluff, which provides an incredible view of the area. It is no wonder why Raspberry Island is the second most popular of the Islands (only to Stockton).

The entire grounds have been meticulously restored in 2002 & 2003. The lighthouse is usually staffed by NPS rangers and they give tours from 9am-4pm. Due to the restoration, NPS has begun charging a nominal fee for tours. Also a game of croquet is a tradition for those visiting the island. In its day, the lighthouse housed two families. Visitors can tour the entire grounds: the tram house, fog signal house, as well as a trip to the top of the lighthouse.

Rasberry Island Beach

Rasberry Island Beach Credit: M. Walter

There are two docks at the base of the bluff leading to the lighthouse. Maximum depths of 5.5′ have been recorded at the docks, although approaching the docks can be trick with boulders in the vicinity of the dock. Anchoring is much preferred to docking on this Island, both anchorages on the eastern end of the island are sandy and free of slash. The anchorage on the western side has some bouldering and slash, so caution is advised. The western anchorage does not have any trails leading to the lighthouse, so a 5 minute dinghy ride is necessary to get to the lighthouse.


If this is your first trip Raspberry Island is a must stop. It’s easy access makes it a perfect lunch stopover. Visitors are advised stay on existing trails as the vegetation is very fragile along the boardwalk.