Financial Management


We will manage your accounts in a fully transparent way that has been developed by our qualified accountants who are experienced in working with small businesses. We will also ensure that all cash flow is managed appropriatly, allowing us to maintain good relationships with suppliers and charterers.

Our services include:

  • Review and challenge of operational budgets
  • Presenting monthly and annual accounts
  • Organizing and monitoring payments to suppliers and service providers
  • Maintaining a dedicated escrow damage deposit account
  • Managing off site payment security systems



This is a program available to all yachts in our fleet, new or pre-owned. the charter rental fee generated by the boat is split 50/50 with the owner. The owner is responsible for dockage, insurance and maintenance. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of our 50/50 management program, please contact us with your particulars.



Only our owners can earn 15% of our management fee as a one-time commission paid each time they bring in a brand new, first time charter customer. We encourage and financially reward you for participating in the success of your charter business.