Yacht Management


In a continuing effort to serve the Upper Midwest yachting communitty, SAIL LAKE SUPERIOR yacht charters has developed a comprehensive lease program bringing professional yacht management services to owners of qualified yacht for the prime purpose of bareboat and captained yacht charters.



  • Protecting your asset – we use the highest technology to monitor your yacht.
  • Maximizing your revenues – we pay a bonus for introducing a new customer to our fleet.
  • Promoting your yacht – we offer professional charter agents a commission to bring customer.
  • Supporting our customers and your yacht – we are on site, on the water at peak periods.
  • Partnering with you – no memberships or readiness fees, we value your partnership.



There are many benefits to having your yacht in our management program. Your yacht will earn income that may pay for dockage, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, as well as help pay for insurance and mortgage payments. At the same time you will have peace of mind knowing that your yacht is being maintained to the highest standards of the industry. During our 6 month boating season, a yacht will typically charter 20 – 30 days (depending on model, options and age of vessel), resulting in minimal wear leaving ample opportunities for owner use.


SAIL LAKE SUPERIOR YACHT CHARTERS provides national advertising, administration, and detailed accrual account statements to yacht owners. Our program includes routine care such as boat cleaning, charter turnarounds, and routine mechanical and underwater inspections at no charge.



A well structured yacht management program can be beneficial to you under certain circumstances:

  • YOU HAVE LIMITED TIME TO USE YOUR YACHT, it’s a fact that many yachts sit idle in the marina the majority of the time. If your schedule does not permit you to be onboard much, you might consider letting other qualified persons charter it and let it earn some income for you.
  • YOU ARE WILLING TO SHARE WITH OTHERS, some personalities are not suited to letting strangers use their things, and thats perfectly fine.
  • YOU ARE REALISTIC ABOUT THE INCOME that your yacht may provide. You’re not going to get rich off your yacht charters, but if you were buying anyway, and you wanted to offset some of the associated costs of ownership, this migt be the perfect solution.
  • YOU JUST WANT TO GET ONBOARD AND HAVE FUN, you already have enough work and worries. Yachts in our charter fleet are monitored to make sure batteries are charged, engines run and docklines secured. So all you you have to do is get onboard and relax.



Relationships and reputations carry you in this industry. We have the right network of contacts to allow your yacht to be commercially managed in the way that it should. We will provide the control needed to ensure that the owner’s funds and assets are used to the owners benefit.

To that extent we provide:

  • Managing the insurance for the vessel
  • Performing background checks on new charterers
  • Handling the turnover activities between charters
  • Managing the charter calender and reservations
  • Being responsible for the direct marketing of our fleet
  • Ensuring that our charterer agreement are adhered to