If all you know about boating is “the pointy end of the boat is the front”, our affiliated Captain/Instructors can lead you through the skills ladder of the American Sailing Association (ASA). If you prefer a faster paced approach we will create a custom solution tailored to fit your tme and capabilities.



If you love the art of sailing and would like to build your skills with your family, friends, or co-workers this unique package may be perfect. You and your crew only need to be experienced with general cruising as we place a highly experienced USCG licensed captain with a strong regatta resumeĀ aboard to guide you through all aspects of competitive sailing in a safe manner. You will make new acquaintances on and off the water, and come away a much more confident sailor.



Whether you are a family, a couple, a single person, it doesn’t matter because we will customize your own lesson plan to accomplish your goals, from beginner to competitive sailing.



We are committed to promoting sailing women by providing a class where women get the oppotunity to learn to sail from other women. No shouting or disapproving looks, no glossing over the details, just an open, considerate educational setting. Offered for groups of 4 or more, in just 7 days you and your friends will gain the skills necessary to safetly take control of a beautiful cruising yacht.