Family Vacation


Just because you have kids, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about a sailing holiday! After all, sailing is a team sport and the sooner you introduce your children to sea life, the better! Of course you are not going to sail in the same way as you would do if you had an experienced crew! But with a little bit of organization and good planning you will not say “no” to sailing life! Just pay attention to the following key points and let us know what your needs are when you make your request!

  • The itinerary you choose is a key factor for a happy and relaxed holiday. Sailing the Apostles are perfect for sailing with children because it is a protected area with small sailing distances and well protected anchorages and bays.
  • Sea sickness could also become a problem as children are affected more than adults. Keep the children in the cockpit in the fresh air and double check your itinerary to be sure that you are going to avoid all difficult points.
  • Life jackets are very important for your children’s’ safety! Even if they can swim, it is suggested that you use them as much as possible….even on the dock since an accident can easily occur!
  • Netting is also a good idea, in order to protect children while out on the deck.

We can supply you with children’s’ life jackets and take care to place nets on board. Just inform us during the booking procedure about the number, age and weight of the children



  • Let them swim, make sure you take full advantage of Lake Superior’s clean and safe swimming waters and the stunning bays and beaches.
  • Plan a lunch stop at anchor each day, our sons loved to jump off the swim step.
  • Kids also love learning to row on a yacht charter. Depending on their age you might need to start off with an adult helper in the boat. But it doesn’t take long for them to build enough confidence to row ashore on their own.
  • Once they get ashore, kids love to spend hours just messing around and being kids. Building sand-castles, splashing in the shallows and exploring creek beds are the number one pass-times. This is your opportunity to relax and read a book!
  • No yacht charter with kids is complete without a trip to one of the legendary lighthouses.