How many people can stay onboard?

Each yacht is equipped with US Coast Guard life safety gear for each person staying aboard. . The number of persons permitted to stay aboard each yacht is limited to the number of berths indicated in the fleet listings.


May we overnight at the marina?

You are free to simply day sail and return to the slip before nightfall. If you would like to overnight in another marina you will be responsible for making arrangements with that marina and paying their transient rates.


What is the approved sailing area?

In order to maintain on-the-water service, the approved sailing area is restricted to the area formed within a 15 nautical mile radius of the Buffalo Bay Marina. Sailing outside these protected waters is only permitted when advance arrangements have been made with our office.


May I sail after dark?

Sailing after sunset is not allowed except with the prior authorization by the charter company for those doing a night crossing with a landfall during daylight hours.


What is expected upon return of the boat?

The boat will be handed to you clean and ready to go with water, diesel and propane tanks full. The holding tank will be empty. We would appreciate if you return the boat clean with all garbage and recycling placed in the shore side bins and all galley gear washed and stowed. A fleet manager will conduct a debrief and inspection with you. They will assist you in completing a survey indicating any systems or accessories that are broken or malfunctioning so that we can fix it for our next guest.


Can I charter one-way?

Yes, where time is the limiting factor to reaching your destination, SAIL LAKE SUPERIOR is the only charter company offering one-way charters. We can help you make arrangements for departing and will send a crew to return the yacht. If time is not the key limiting factor, it may be more cost effective for you to charter for an extra day or two, returning the yacht yourself. This way you’ll get extra sailing time and probably won’t pay any more than you would for the one-way drop-off.


What’s included in the rental fee?

Your bareboat charter cost covers the boat and its standard equipment only.


Do we need passports?

You should have passports for all members of your group for any charter visiting Canadian waters. Please check with us in advance to avoid surprises.


Should we bring the kids?

Kids are seldom bored on charter. They really get into the sailing and particularly the snorkeling and playing on the beach. We’d advise leaving really young kids at home, though. Those 5 and under who don’t know the word “No” could be in danger of catching fingers in winches, etc. Get comfortable floatation vests for all young children – something they won’t mind wearing.