Bareboat Packages


The most popular charter package is the Weekender, the skipper and crew board on a Thursday afternoon after 3:00PM and enjoys a complimentary night aboard at the marina.  They depart Friday morning for the islands and spend two nights out, returning to the marina on Sunday. If time does not permit a Thursday arrival, we consider any two consecutive days minimum as a bareboat or captained WEEKENDER charter.  On arrival, we provide a complementary reception and schedule your orientation quickly.



The best memories are likely to be created during those serendipitous moments when there are no itineraries.  Discovering the “singing sands” of Julian bay, playing croquet on Raspberry Island, sailing when you feel like it, simply existing in the moment.  Spending a couple of days in one anchorage or at one island can make it feel more like your “home port,”  someplace familiar that you want to return to.

All of the islands are within easy half-day sailing, so depending on the wind you can go anywhere that interests you.  We have left one anchorage in the morning, had such enjoyable sailing conditions that we simply kept sailing all day and returned to the same anchorage that night.

The only suggestion would be that you consider your last night to find yourself anchored within 2-4 hours of the marina in order to complete your charter in the most relaxed state possible.  We often recommend anchoring at Madeline, to spend a relaxing day, or taking some time to shop in Bayfield and then leisurely return to the marina.



Our exclusive SEAFARER packages cater to the adventurer spirit. You’ve experienced the islands and keep looking at the distant shoreline of Minnesota or simply looking out into the big lake, anxious to visit new shores by boat.   Arriving to a new harbor, even in a familiar town creates a completely new perspective of that place.  The world looks much different from the water than from the highway, and your experience will also be brand new. We want to help turn your dream into a reality.


If you wish to explore other ports such as Grand Marais, or Houghton but have limited time.  We will work with you to create a custom, one way charter.  We can arrange all of the transportation to make your trip as convenient as possible.


You and your family may elect to take a full week of vacation to explore more the lake.  For qualified crews we will assist you with developing your float plan, and can provide support along the way.