The weather of Lake Superior can change very quickly. Although summers are generally very comfortable, a warm afternoon sail can be interrupted by a quick cold rain shower. Thus the key to an enjoyable charter experience can depend on a smart selection of clothes. The trick to staying comfortable is to plan your wardrobe in layers. A base layer against your skin for moisture control, a mid layer for insulation, and an outer layer for wind and water protection. While a comfortable pair of cotton jeans is great on shore, they are less than ideal if they get wet. You can learn more about layering by visiting:



  • Soft-sided duffel bag for your gear, (roll-ons, hard sided luggage is prohibited).
  • 1 pr. white or crepe soled shoes to wear when aboard (absolutely required).
  • 1 pr. shoes for shore; tennies, Tevas, or day-hikers, etc.
  • Warm socks. Polyester or wool is best.
  • Rain jacket or suit (ponchos don’t work well), rain pants or wind pants too if you have them!
  • Sweat suit, sweater or jacket (polar fleece is great!).
  • Shorts, T’s, 1 turtleneck, pair of gloves for warmth and handling lines if you would like that, and a knit hat (especially for September trips).
  • Long pants. (Note: denim dries slowly. Bring light pair or wind pants.)
  • Sun block 30+, sunglasses. Light reflection off the water is intense all season.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Hat with brim.
  • Toiletries, towel, washcloth, flashlight. (For environmental reasons we prefer you to use biodegradable soap/shampoo for use on board.)
  • Book to read, pen, pencil, playing cards, cribbage board, whatever you want.
  • Camera, film CDs tapes (all optional). Boats have radios, cassette/CD players.
  • Sleeping bag & pillow. (Need not fit in duffel bag).
  • Seasick prone? Bring some non-drowsy Dramamine or patches. Many people have reported that the wrist pressure bands work well for them, but don’t worry; we will offer advice on avoiding motion sickness at your briefing.